Apples to Apples

I’ve started eating an apple a day. For whatever reason, I never did this in the states. I generally avoid vegetables (yucky!) and instant noodles have become an uncomfortably integral part of my diet over the last few months, so this is a welcome change (albeit one that started only a week ago). I have no idea why, but the apples here taste so much better than the varieties stateside, which I classify as “red” and “green.” These are more “red-yellow” and they’re big. To most college graduates or people who’ve walked into a grocery store with their eyes open, this might sound like an awfully familiar fruit, but since there is no butter or sugar in apples I’m admittedly coming to the party a little late in life. Ironically, I’ve only bought these apples from the Korean and Japanese stores near my apartment so they could very well be imported. So really this post is about the inescapable nature of global trade and/or another reminder that while I might be on the other side of the world in a country with a billion more people than my own, the most interesting developments in life still revolve around my stomach.

Happy New Year, Americans! I ring in 2010 a full 13 hours earlier than the East Coast and technically it won’t be happening – the Chinese have their own New Year, after all – but my best to you, whoever you are, whatever way you choose to welcome the new decade.


2 thoughts on “Apples to Apples

  1. I believe apples originated somewhere on that continent actually. They were spread on the silk road and more recently bred into new mixed species. You know how Americans love perfect food, so that’s prolly why you are used to seeing solid red and (perfectly) green apples. It’s kinda mankind-induced. You are probably eating the orginial! I don’t doubt that they are better =)

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