But is it Art, Eddie?

For whatever reason, this is what they do to the trees here in winter (not every single tree in Qingdao mind you, but look closely and you’ll see that every tree on this street is covered). I’m not sure if they’re honestly unaware of the fact that trees generally don’t need to be ziplocked to make it through the season, or if there are some genuine benefits to doing this that we’re just not clued into in America. The general effect is that of installation art – it’s hard to tell if the look is more evocative of a cocoon or a body bag, but  ironically enough, it may be a little bit of both.


Bonus points to the reader who knows from what show I got this post’s title. Comment below!


4 thoughts on “But is it Art, Eddie?

  1. this might be stretching it… but then again can’t anything technically be interpreted as art…all in the eye of the beholder as i say in my sage old age. all downhill from 20 so i’ve heard from all the disillusioned 30-somethings i work with…

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