I never realize how desperately I need a haircut until I finally get one and see the transformation take place – see it for yourself by taking your dog for a trim. This, my third visit to FirstFeel salon, was arguably the most successful. I found out three of the guys’ names and had a pseudo-conversation about my shoes and where I’d bought my shirt. One of the guys told me I look like Michael Jackson and then felt my bicep – and was impressed! Only in China…


My student whom I was privately tutoring has gotten into four colleges so far. Since no one knows who he is I feel it won’t be a violation of privacy to say that they’re ASU, OSU, Purdue and UC…something. Obviously I was a great tutor so I’m quite deservedly proud.


I added a new page to the blog called “Lost In Translation” where I’ll type up all the best quotes and homework and test answers I get to share with the world. Enjoy!


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