The Beijing Tea Party

So Google has officially left China. All traffic to the site is redirected to its Hong Kong server, leaving homegrown Chinese search engine Baidu to rule the roost, so to speak. I’ve asked my older students how they feel about the absence of Google and none of them seem too perturbed. Baidu is much more popular here, despite reports that people left flowers at the Google office however long ago this whole debacle started. This is not to say no one uses Google, but I’ve read reports that the company got off to a rocky start here and they never recovered the market share they’re used to in the rest of the world. As long as Gmail works I’m willing to refrain from behavior that will get me deported.


Speaking of censorship, while running at the gym last night I noticed the woman next to me watching news coverage of “tea party” protests over health care back in the States. As images of disgruntled Americans wielding signs that read “Kill the Bill” and “Abortion isn’t Health Care”  flashed across the screen I couldn’t help but wonder what spin the Chinese newscasters were putting on it. “Americans want each other to die more often; China likes this idea.” Although, considering the “Oba Mao” paraphernalia everywhere in Beijing, maybe it was more like, “Comrade Obama faces opposition from defectors; manages to pass socialist agenda using resolve and support of unbelievers.” Sigh…


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