My So Called Life

So I’m having trouble connecting to right now, but it’s been so long since I last updated that I feel I have to send out a relatively comprehensive update for the sake of friends and family:

1) So I went back to Beijing, rode around on a bike a lot (it was amazing!), went to the Today Art Museum and the 798 Art District to take in a bunch of modern art (I’ll upload the photos to my Flickr and put the link here sometime before I die), ate out, biked around Tsinghua University, didn’t see the Great Wall, bought some stuff and then came home. It was fun.

2) Last week I got really really sick with food poisoning and ended up in the hospital for 7 hours one day, 4 the next. The school took me to a hospital where no one spoke any English (but one of the foreign affairs managers stayed with me the whole time, thank God), and that looked like it hadn’t been cleaned since it was first built in the 1970’s. I was stuck with four needles over the span of two days and injected with six bottles of unidentifiable fluids through an IV drip. I’m all better now, though!

3) The school just fired the two most recent teachers they’ve hired, a couple who came up here from the Southwest, because the woman had pneumonia and refused to teach while sick. Not only is pneumonia highly contagious, but her doctor called the school and told them this and that she should not be teaching while sick (a call that made our headmaster angrier, because how dare they have a doctor call the school and try to help keep children disease-free?). The school kicked them out of the other teachers’ apartment at 10:30 this morning. Those two are better for it, I’m sure.

4) A friend of mine asked me why I’m still here. Good question.


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