Danger Will Robinson

The other day I was shopping in Carrefour (French Walmart, more popular here than actual Walmart) for a few basic necessities (just because you can find pillows for $1.50 doesn’t mean you should buy them). When I went to check out I found a lane that looked like the person before me was just finishing up. Feeling lucky, I started to plunk my stuff down on the counter when I saw that the cashier was counting up a thick stack of RMB100 notes, but I couldn’t see what the person in front of me had bought. What I did see was that he was holding two bags of meat that were leaking their juices all over the countertop, right next to all of my raw-meat-related-diseases susceptible stuff. The juices were all over the counter and dripping on the floor (and I chose this day to wear my new shoes out for the first time) and as I glanced past him I saw that his wife was standing in front of two shopping carts completely filled with meat. They were heaped with cow body parts, to be exact, all of them loosely bagged in plastic. Around this time I started severely regretting my choice of line, but the cashier had closed the little gate behind me as the lane would be closed after I checked out, and with the amount of stuff I had I couldn’t easily hop over said gate and move to another lane.

After the people in front of me finally rolled out with their meat party (God I don’t want to know what they were going to do with that much meat), the cashier haphazardly wiped the counter down with a towel. No windex. No ammonia. Not even water. This was the first time I’ve ever really felt like screaming "How can you be so backwards?!" What if some little kids’ parent bought them a snack and the kid opened the box right there and started eating it? I know America can be excessively germophobic at times, but I don’t think we’re wrong about the dangers of raw meat and the bacteria it can contain. When I got home I wiped down my things and washed my hands thoroughly, but still felt like everything smelled like raw meat. Sigh…


2 thoughts on “Danger Will Robinson

  1. Hi Honey,
    That sounds awful, poor sweetie! Next time, look thoroughly around you before you get in a check out line! Glad you washed everything off!

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