Tummy Aches

Here’s what I’ve eaten this week:
Monday – nothing
Tuesday – two pieces of toast, a bowl of shell pasta with nothing on it
Wednesday – two pieces of toast, handfuls of shredded wheat (lightly frosted), a doughnut, instant noodles with half the package of seasoning, a bag of mini scones, a few more handfuls of shredded wheat
Today – a scone

Mind you, I’ve drunk more water in the past three days than in all of the years since my birth combined. No, I’m not on Gwyneth Paltrow’s diet, I’ve got food poisoning again, the second time in as many weeks. "What are you eating?!" was one text from a friend, to which I replied, "I have no idea." So I’ve almost stopped eating altogether now, in an effort to avoid any further complications, and let me tell you – I’m HUNGRY. I’m craving whatever that new thing is they just introduced at KFC that’s already killed three people in the states, because only that many calories can right the imbalance of this week. Unfortunately, they haven’t introduced said sandwich to the Chinese market – or lack thereof – so I’ll probably reinstate food starting with the "one good thing America’s exported," according to my Australian roommate, a sandwich from Subway. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Tummy Aches

  1. 1- how can i text you???
    2- I hope you feel better =( getting sick from food is my least favorite because i love to eat, and to think that my friend Food could betray me is devastating.
    3- i love you Sean!

    • 1) I am unfortunately untextable in China ๐Ÿ˜ฆ 2) I’m feeling better, definitely, the doctor said it was a viral thing and that it should work itself out…slowly but surely 3) I love you toooooo! I totally need to email you Natty, I’ll do that now!

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