I Tarzan, You Jane

"I think girls all over the world want to lose weight."
And so began another discussion in my TOEFL class. I don’t remember how we got started on this particular path, but get started we inevitably did. Once weight comes up in a room full of young women, there’s no turning back.
"Every female wants to lose weight," one girl postulated. "Our dream is to be zero," confirmed another. "There’s no middle size…just two opposites," the first girl said, noting that she didn’t think there were really American women who fit that "middle size."
What about men? Do they need to lose weight?
"Hairstyle can make a man more handsome," noted one girl, but, "Men may be more concerned about their income," stated the other. "Maybe someday when men and women have equal rights we won’t have to worry so much about our appearance."
"So a woman has to be pretty and a man has to have a house and a car?" I concluded.

So a woman’s weight is inversely proportional to the heft of her husband’s income. Whaddya know, math really is universal!


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