Today I was making fun of two of my SAT students for their taste in music. They were shocked I hadn’t heard the pop songs they’d been obssessing over for the last few years, what sounded like a Christian version of early-90’s hip-hop made by Disney. (side note: Disney really works well with a lot of my descriptions of contemporary Chinese culture…)

“It’s because we’re a developing country,” one said, looking rather hurt.

I felt bad to mock them so harshly when the top songs on iTunes don’t exactly speak to the advanced tastes of our nation, although there’s something to be said for our ingenuity with synthesizers.


Today in class I was sitting with one little girl who thought it would be fun to draw on me, because I suggested it would be fun for her to draw on me (this is the class right after my kindergarten class). She wrote: “Do you like car? 1) Yes, I do 2) No, I ist’t” No one expects these kids are learning English form me, do they?


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