Beach Bums

I went to a barbeque last night on the beach with some friends. It was a lot of fun – we drank beer, ate some food, and drank beer. People were carried into the ocean. I was able to have a barebones conversation entirely in Chinese with some Japanese students from Qingdao University. Good times.


Before that I’d gone out to the monthly trivia night held at one of the restaurants here. My team won because of my inexhaustible knowledge not of geography or history or the sociocultural rituals of Amazonian chimps, but of reality TV. We were given a sheet of paper with reality TV stars on it and asked to name them and, for bonus points, their “claim to fame” show. I don’t think anyone else in the room had even heard of Jon & Kate Plus 8 – they didn’t stand a chance. My team won a bottle of champagne and I got to stand up and be clapped for because I watched two seasons of The Girls Next Door. One of the girls who’d hosted the event said to me afterwards, “I knew you’d do well since you asked me if you were supposed to list just one of the shows they’d been on.” After that, I made it a point to mention in every conversation I had that I knew other things too.


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