Jesus Love You

Outside the Jimo Lu market. My friends and I went here yesterday to go esplorin’. The first time I visited the market I was turned off by the overabundance of fake bags and knockoff items, but by this point I’ve grown immune to that distaste and realized that if you have your eyes open the market is an incredible resource for DIY projects – thousands of buttons in every shape, size and color variation imaginable, buckles, lace, zippers and anything else you could use to customize a garment. It would make for an AMAZING Project Runway challenge, to say the least.

Outside the market there was (another) residential area that was nothing more than rubble. I don’t know what’ll go in here, but the only things that seem to be built anywhere are malls. It’s a shame, because the architecture in this area looked interesting – or, you know, like it might have been at one point.

Please to note the Star of David.

A big church in Qingdao that I didn’t realize existed. Inside was basically one large hall, or at least that’s what we were allowed to see. Very peaceful and quite beautiful, located right near the Jimo Lu market for those who might happen upon this blog in the midst of planning a trip to Qingdao – I highly recommend it.

This man initially said no photos, then allowed us take photos, then asked us to videotape him playing the flute. His t-shirt says, “Jesus Love You.”

The giant red plastic cross.

A Chinese Bible, heretofore officially known as a “Chible.”

This is the man’s room – he lives here year round, and has for 8 years.


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