And They Called it Puppy Love

The other day I asked my TOEFL students what business they would open if they could. One of them said she’d open a “hotel for dogs,” another said she’d open a veterinarian’s office/pet shelter…huh.

Of course, one said she’d open a Chinese language academy in the U.S. and another said she’d open an “international hotel.” I asked her if it’d be big or small. She said it’d be really big, for business travelers. Aren’t there a lot of those in China already? I asked. She said hers would be different – it would have a swimming pool and a restaurant that served food from all the countries of the world. “Oh, you mean the hotel across the street?” I jibed. I think she still thought it was a good idea.

One of the boys said he would open a service to drive around people who’d been drinking (“Isn’t that called a taxi?” I asked. No reply.)


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