This Is The Remix

So for those of you who don’t know, I’ve been updating two blogs at once for some months now and it’s become a bit of a stretch to find content for each one every day. Therefore, at the suggestion of a friend of mine whose much better at this interwebs stuff, I’ve decided to cease publishing to my style blog, For the Love of Man Bags, and fold all "style" content into my "travel" blog, creating the Supreme Entity heretofore known as "The S.S. Santiago." Get it? It’s my initials, but also like the name of a boat…and I’m traveling around the world…clever!

But wait! What does this mean for all of my eight loyal readers? Well, Mom, it just means there’ll be more diverse content in what I choose to upload, hopefully more of it original and less from outside sources (magazine scans, images offline). It also hopefully means posts will be less sporadic and provide a better overview of my life abroad and the little things that I find interesting. WordPress seems to work a little better in China than the Blogger server anyway, and if worst comes to worst I’ve had a good bit of luck getting things uploaded via e-mail. I really hope to be able to generate more interest in the blog now that it’ll be more focused and more frequently updated. Please tell your friends who might be interested to start reading, and leave comments letting me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to know about/see pictures of!



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