Style Me Cliquish: High School Musical China Edition

I picked up a copy of Milk magazine the other day, a Chinese style rag that I think started in Hong Kong (haha, so much for journalism). The content seems to be primarily advertorials – every shoot and article was about a brand – one of which was a special supplement inspired by High School Musical China, featuring models dressed up in denim brand Semir to represent different high school cliques. I don’t really know why, as these stereotypes don’t exist in Chinese high schools (what could those stereotypes be? The Boy Who Goes to Karaoke Bars Too Much (a James Dean type), or The Girl Who Doesn’t Study on Weekends (the “loose” kinda girl you usually find in horror movies)? That being said, the resulting editorial is pretty (inadvertently) funny.

If Vivienne Westwood saw this I don’t know if she’d laugh or cry. This kind of “punk” might fly with the Taylor Momsen generation, but I’m not falling for it! If this guy’s going to anything it’s a Lady Gaga concert, and he won’t be in the audience wearing a Ramones t-shirt, I can tell you that much.

This picture…her face is just so…unfortunate. You have to ask yourself, was this really the best shot? Does something about this photo just really capture the essence of her star-spangled leggings and I’m the only one missing it?

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you should have a native English speaker editing your English language copy.

I’m pretty sure college girls only look like this in movies. Movies with titles like Sorority Spankfest and I Know Who You Did Last Summer.

The complementary look to this was dubbed, “The Feminine Him.” Huh. At least you can say the model got the look and body posture right – I can almost hear everyone who’s laughing at him for being dressed like that. Was this inspired by Lucas Grabeel’s character in the original HSM? Because his look was supposed to be preppy, something they missed altogether. And yes, I know the names of the actors in High School Musical. Don’t we all?


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