Friends In Other Places

And now for a brief break from Hangzhou-pallooza…

My friends Meredyth and Ashley have set out on a cross-country (U.S.) road trip and started a blog to document it all, 3901 Miles. They’ve also got a cool postcard thing they’re brave enough to be doing, so if you realize they’re stopping in your town you could ask them to drop by and give you one (for more about how that works and to make sense of it you can read their blog). Meredyth is going to be teaching in Malaysia on a Fulbright starting this winter, so if and when she starts a blog about that experience I’ll be sure to link to it here as well!

Also, my friend Annie is starting her own overseas adventure in Granada, Spain, where she’ll be teaching English to the lil’ Spaniards. She’s just started blogging – linkage is available to your right.

Last but not least, while we’re on this thread, I’ve added a bunch of sharing buttons to the bottom of each post so you can more easily spread your appreciation for my cunning wit (read: off-color jokes) and incisive political observations (read: pictures). Yay!


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