Hi! from Hangzhou: Baoshu Pagoda

Baoshu Pagoda is a tall structure that sits atop a steep, steep hill that provides an excellent view of both the lake and the other side of Hangzhou – which is just buildings for miles. You can’t go inside (I’m not sure there is an inside), which was sort of a disappointment, but the rock outcroppings right next door provide an equally lofty position from which to get your viewing did.

I could read the date on this! So proud. The second line of text reads, “2005 March 16 [gong?]” – I don’t know how to pronounce the last character, or what the last two mean together.

I watched in awe as this shirtless monkey man deftly leapt from one craggy artifice to the next, and even scaled down the face of one boulder with his bare hands (as seen here). Speaking of hands, it was this guy who had to hold mine as I tried to crabwalk across a one-foot gap between rocks. He later used his hands as makeshift footholds for me as I attempted to get down from one of the more vertigo-inducing boulders, and was physically pulling my feet off the rock and moving them down while I clung to it desperately, yelping, “不不不!” (“No No No!”)

I was about three feet off the ground. There was a small crowd. It was basically an event.

Eventually I made it down and went up another boulder that had some stairs worn into its side. The sunset was very pretty. I managed to get back down the mountain without a problem.

I went to dinner on the second night at a Mexican restaurant where the food tasted like Mexican made in China (I don’t even know what that really means, maybe if you’ve lived here you’ll understand), and returned in the evening to that new hostel to drink wine and almost pass out from exhaustion.


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