Hangzhou: The Trip Back

My return trip from Hangzhou was much smoother than getting there. Except that I had to hail a taxi at the peak of rush hour which took an absurd amount of time – after fifteen futile minutes of frantic searching I was walking into oncoming traffic (slow-moving!) ready to pounce on the next taxi I saw with a lit up “for hire” sign. When I eventually did find a taxi I almost had to jump on his hood to get him to stop for me; apparently he mistook my desperate waving as a sign for “stay away from me,” rather than the aggressive hailing that it was. I told him, “In America this means, ‘Hello!Hello!Hello!'”

At the airport I amazingly found the August issue of US Vogue for some reason (divine airplane-boredom-prevention intervention?) and the inaugural issue of Numero China, which I bought because it was just so shiny. There is English text in the back, for anyone wondering, although it’s surprisingly poorly translated and the Phoebe Philo interview is Chinese-text only.  I was happy to read through the Vogue if only for this picture of Wonderland editor Julia Sarr-Jamois in her red Topshop jeans. It gives me some ideas about how to wear my own pair of very bright red jeans (recently purchased – and tailored! – for less than 10USD).

All in all, ’twas a good trip, and I highly recommend visiting Hangzhou – if the weather’s nice for you it probably really will seem like heaven on Earth!


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