Shopping Longshan Lu Underground Mall: Part 1

It’s been awhile since I uploaded any style content and if you’ve been feeling it, then today’s your lucky day. I had to stop by one of the big underground malls here to shoot for the magazine and y’all’uns are getting a sneak preview + a few extra detail shots. This guy owns a store that I particularly like because of it’s unique jewelry selection, most of it one-of-a-kind (I think).

I love all of the details – the spotted shirt, the bracelets, the cards pin.

The hat…I had to make him wear it to be on trend for the piece. And also because who doesn’t need a leopard hat?

Jewelry wall! I tried on multiple rings, all of which got stuck on my fat fingers and had to be pulled off with much assistance.

This is the gigundo elephant ring I really wanted. Alas, it was too small for all but my pinky finger, and this is not a pinky ring. So I bought a giant elephant necklace instead. Hey, when in Rome. Or weird little underground shops selling elephant jewelry.


3 thoughts on “Shopping Longshan Lu Underground Mall: Part 1

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