Shopping Longshan Lu Underground Mall: Part 2

Black is a wonderfully slimming color when you’re not a six-foot-one Asian guy, in which case you risk looking Jack the skeleton-esque. But this guy pulls it off with aplomb (does he? I don’t really know what that would look like, but I like the sound of it), plus I like his shoes. Also, I know it’s not visible and that this picture is awful, but his bag is this giant light pink leather thing. When he picked it up I thought he was kidding, but then he slung it around his torso and ta-da! It all works, though.

Changing behind those little curtains is really aggravating, fyi.

A mood board of sorts, very Korean. Except this guy’s Chinese, so very Korean-style. He gave me that safety-pin brooch for shooting his store! And also probably for  spending 800RMB last time I was there (only about 120USD! And for that I got 2 sweaters, a pair of khakis, a blazer, and a shirt).

Yes, this store is named Cherish. What’s better is that the guy told me his name is also Cherish. I was like, my eyes are as open as your legs are closed and there isn’t a pole in sight, so I think you might consider something a little less Striptease and a little more Take Ivy. I think this guy would make a good Porthault. Or Teddy, yeah, I’m leaning towards Teddy.


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