Happy Belated 中秋节, China!

I love the way this picture came out, by no particular talent of mine own. It looks a bit grainy, like old film. Good job, cell phone.

Of course, my cell phone has also been letting me down a lot lately, alerting me to “Insert SIM” when the SIM is already inserted and the phone was working fine five minutes before and I know I’m not out of minutes and WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? Shutting it down and taking out the battery usually solves the problem, but its become a neverending cycle of late. Hooray!

To make matters worse, if the phone dies I’ll have to start sketching everything I see on my travels, because Panasonic failed to call me today about picking up my fixed camera as they said they would. I called the number stored in my received calls twice and on the second attempt got hold of a man, not the woman I’d spoken with originally. I asked if he was with Panasonic and, honestly, I have no idea what he said. I proceeded to talk to him about my broken camera though, and he instructed me to stop by the Panasonic store tomorrow morning, because today they’re on break. I don’t know why they told me to pick up my camera today in the first place if that’s the case, but c’est la vie. Really the number I re-dialed could have been the wrong one and this man was just some stranger offering his best advice on when he thought was the right time for me to pick up my camera, or maybe I’d dialed into a radio show and the whole thing was recorded like Ask Delia or whatever it is, and instead of the expected relationship issues this host was kind enough to help me figure out why Panasonic wasn’t calling when they said they would. Maybe they’re just not that into you, he could’ve been saying, and it was time to move on.

Here’s hoping that when I show up at the store tomorrow I find my fixed camera and not uncomprehending stares. Because the devil, in this instance, wears J.Crew, and he’s not in the mood for love.


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