The Trip in Style: Best & Worst China Fashions From My Last Week!

Editing and organizing the other pictures from my trip is taking some time, so in the meanwhile you can enjoy the style shots I took! I think this first one is my favorite picture from China ever. I loooove it. I didn’t even realize he had the Blue Steel pucker going until someone pointed it out to me. Definitely click to enlarge! Taken in Chengdu.

I caught a guy in a swobe (sweater-robe), bringing to mind this shot of Milan Vukmirovic by Tommy Ton. Also in Chengdu.

These shots I took zoomed in like whoa, so I had to make them pretty small for them to not look like crap. Sorry! The first guy’s from Chengdu and the second guy is in the terracotta warriors museum.

Both of these were taken at the terracotta warriors museum.


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