The Terracotta Warriors

The Terracotta Warriors museum was…boring. If I want to see a giant pit in the ground I’ll go visit the Grand Canyon again – although there aren’t any broken ancient warriors there, natch. I’m sure history buffs might find the whole thing enchanting to some degree, but I started off the tour in a bad mood because our first stop had been half an hour in a souvenir shop [blergh]. We got to watch people create miniature warriors and then have other people try to sell them to us in the next room, along with rugs, fans, keychains, et. al.

This one was wearing a diaper.

This area in particular looked like a gravesite.

Huh. I dunno.

This one’s obviously trying to do the Single Ladies’ dance.

And what good would the damn soldiers be if they didn’t earn their right to not be bulldozed by the government by selling ugly contemporary casualwear?


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