Florence & the Machine (the Machine being Moi)

My first day’s look. Well, one of them.

So I still have a ton of pictures from China that I need to upload, but I’ve been traveling like crazy these past few weeks so I can’t seem to get caught up. I’d literally have to be blogging day and night and wifi just isn’t global enough for that. As it is, I’m currently in Florence with a good friend of mine, exploring the city. I absolutely love it. It’s amazing. There are no words…I think the best way to describe how it feels at times is like living in a painting. The sky…the light…around every corner, a mystery. Hahaha. Also, there are amazing little shops around every corner and I keep dragging Jeremy into them with exclamations of Oh, look at that! and Just one second! I’ve already bought a camel cashmere scarf from this little shop called Luciano, and I love it. I decided I’m Rachel and Jeremy is Brad, even though neither of us really resembles either of them. Except that I’m insane and use phrases like, This is so amazing I want to throw myself out of a buliding and If I don’t own this the world will stop rotating on its axis. And after getting breakfast this morning I am officially obssessed with the Italian educational system. So chic! So cool! I don’t know how to say jealous in Italian (I know how to say nothing in Italian – it’s an issue). Also I’ve made our room a complete mess because I’m like, completely unhinged. My mom warned me, don’t buy any magazines! and the first thing I did when I got to the train station in Rome was buy French Vogue (it’s their anniversary issue! it’s a big deal! a collector’s item!) and there are little stalls all around selling international fashion rags (I found Japanese Men’s Vogue, on the street!) Luckily food is fairly inespexensive here, as is wine, so my budget is holding up haha. So much to write but I have to go live Florence, I’ll try to be back soon! Arrivederci!!!!!! (is that how you spell that?)

Shoes!There was this little cobblers' shop with all these gorgeous shoesss....

I love this scene of taking the kids to school...a panorama of style!


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