The City Wall, Xian

My friend informed me via Facebook that I should write about something I did like on my trip around China, so here it is. This is the city wall around Xi’an, an ancient structure that you can bike around. Because its ancient its also super bumpy I found, which was fun (not) for my ass.

Some sort of mock ceremony I watched from on high...

I met a German guy who’d toured around India while biking and we chatted a bit about being in China and what was worth seeing, etc. I warned him about taking a tour to see the Terracotta warriors and he informed me he was studying for some sort of computer astro science gobbledygook that made me cry on the inside. But he was nice!

After the ride I decided it would behoove me to simply walk back along the wall to the train station, because the train station was right down the north side of the wall and wasn’t that so convenient! And then I realized how effing long the wall is when you’re not riding a bike on it and also that there is NO WAY DOWN unless you’re at one of the four main gates which are REALLY FAR APART. I spent an hour walking on the wall and still hadn’t reached the second gate (yeah, right?) and so I ventured down to a blocked off exit and desperately motioned towards a random passerby to please find someone who could let me out. He motioned me towards him and asked to take a picture with me. Great. Then we took another picture because he didn’t like the first one I guess. Awesome. Finally a cleaning lady came down the stairs and was gracious enough to unlock the gate so I could escape. Hallelujah. FYI; you can’t get off the Xi’an city wall at any place you see a staircase, because those entrances are all blocked off so no one who hasn’t paid can get on. FYI.


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