The World Expo 2010

my entry ticket!

the Russian pavilion...


this was one of several funny poses children struck...

oh, Hillary...

the UK's really did seem like it was coming at you...

the Italian pavilion was pretty...

the Latvian one...

...and this sign in the bathroom, to show you how it's done.

The Expo I sort of treated like a giant sculpture garden because the lines were alllll about four hours long. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but still. I ended up seeing Chile, the Netherlands, Brazil, Colombia, Denmark and the US. Our pavilion was sort of like being eaten alive by everything that’s wrong with the world. It consisted of three videos, the first one of which featured employees from the various corporate sponsors talking about why they liked children and what children can do for the future and investing in them blah blah blah and also remember to invest in McDonalds and crude oil because they paid for this video. Then there was another video and then I died. But I didn’t have to wait in line to see it because if you had your passport on you you could cut the queue to your home country, so no harm done. Denmark’s was awesome and now I wanna live in Copenhagen and just bike everywhere and recycle. Chile’s pavilion had empanadas and red wine for me when I was really hungry so I also wouldn’t mind living there, although I should learn some real things about the country first…


4 thoughts on “The World Expo 2010

  1. AHAHA. “Stool”. I love China’s chinglish signage. I bought a book all with a collection of hilarious signs in Chinglish. I went to the expo after 5, after the crowd sort of filtered off. Got to see most of the scandi nordic pavilions except for Iceland and Denmark :(. There was a massive line for Iceland, don’t know why. And the swiss pavilion had stopped running its ski lift arena to my disappointment. How good was Chile? I went during happy hour and had these spicy cocktails for peanuts worth. And had dinner at the Polish restaurant at its pavilion. Was not that great.The Spanish pavilion was amazing though. Hope you had lots of fun in Shanghai. That’s where I was born! Hehe.

    • You had trouble getting into Denmark? I went there for a whole day at the beginning of October and I stopped by Denmark after five…no line at all! It was cool (because denmark is cool) but you didn’t miss anything toooo awesome. I missed Spain though! Chile was awesome because I got red wine and an enchilada there. That was awesome. Shanghai is pretty cool, but Hangzhou was my favorite city I visited! Not to diss Shanghai, but…Hangzhou was gorgeous!

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