Under the Tuscan Sun

It occurs to me I haven’t really talked much about Florence since I got here, having a bunch of other stuff going on (or having just gone on) that needs to also be blogged about. So…Florence. I’m in love! It’s absolutely amazing. I love the way that the simplest things are so enchanting. Two people stop to talk to each other on a sidewalk and it’s inexplicably captivating. There are shops here that are little more than a musty room full of stuff you’re sure will never sell or be seen by most people, but they still exist and still somehow give a sense of purpose (and a livelihood) to some little old Florentine. Also I think the light works in mysterious magical ways here in Florence. Around every corner is a vista – there are no simple “streets” here – the shadows are too impressive for simple streets. I keep running around yelling “Marcello!” to no one in particular and wondering why the whole world doesn’t work this way.

my room in the palazzo! that's my cot.

in the plaza (?) in front of Santa Spirito church

I came across this place while out walking...crazy!

if you look close you can see the guy in the back looking at me, wondering why i'm taking this picture...because we don't have paint stores in small town America! we have Michaels 😦

a bike in the night.


4 thoughts on “Under the Tuscan Sun

    • I’m staying in JMU’s palazzo with a friend who’s here for work…yeah it’s amazing…but south asia and tuscany are really similar i’ve heard. (joke)(love u!)

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