It’s a Kult Thing…

Ok so I’m sort of loving this new format…bigger images…an overall increase to the sexiness index…sorry you have to click through to get The Full Story, but I know you’re dying to know what’s “after the jump” so it’s all good, yeah?

Kult Magazine is another one of those indie hyphenates (fashion/art/design/music/talents)[those are dashes so sue me] that are so vital to the fashion pubs world. Like…um, maybe a thin Flaunt or a combination of i-D and Interview (there’s a definite Baron vibe), Kult focuses on style but from a grungy artsy perspective with a focus on small and up-and-coming and fringe. I bought it because it was shiny and only 3 euros. Inside is a bunch of stuff that I quite like, but can’t read, as well as a lot of pictures, from awesome to weird awesome. I love this picture of Erkan However-you-say-that. It’s a very manly style but also feminine. I like the balance, is what I’m trying to say. He apparently won the Italian fashion design competition “Who Is On Next?” and that’s his design on the cover there (bottom picture). I like finding these local fashion mags on my travels so I just thought I’d share!


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