The Tuesday Market, Cascine Park

the crude illustration on that sign is surprisingly accurate...

I had coffee in a little plastic cup!

um...that fugitive book in the middle...what's that about? and did they make it into a movie? because I swear...haha jk!

Jeremy and I hit up the Cascine Park Tuesday market because I’d read online that it had some great shit and stuff and I wanted to find out for myself. As Jeremy put it, it was mostly “stall after stall selling the same Euro trash,” but they also had some good food stalls! AND I found this one guy who had a pile of sweaters that looked like crap but were actually pretty well not crap (some of them). He had Woolrich sweaters (100% wool!)[real wool!] and stuff by J. Crew, Banana Republic and Ralph Lauren. But honestly they were all a bit lumpy and pilling worse than a pair of Lady Gaga’s muppet panties. BUT behind the sweaters there was a rack of really great (but unfortunately too big for me) flannel coats, and I found vintage Pendleton! Eat your heart out Opening Ceremony. I wanted to buy one just to be like, “Oh this? This is vintage Pendleton, dear hipster. I basically called it forth from the ether, actually, because I can summon trendy old-school American brands by humming.” Anyway, it was a cool find so I suggest checking it out if you have the time.


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