Wilkommen to Switzerland!

I took the train to Switzerland yesterday, which means I went through some gorgeous countryside (and the Alps). I even went past Lake Como where obviously I saw George Clooney out on his porch waving at the train, highball in hand (this is a lie). The train was immaculately clean and even though I had about 800 lbs. of luggage I was able to get around easily enough and on time. After all the traveling I did around China, nothing feels like a challenge anymore.

Switzerland is reallllllly expensive. Like, “Oh MY GaWD I’m HAviNg an ANEURYsm ThiS COSts SO MUCHHH” expensive. But luckily I’m hunkering down at my aunt’s in Bettingen, Switzerland, so I don’t have to pay five million USD to stay in a hostel or something. (But really, stuff is outrageously expensive here in a way I never imagined. And the Swiss Franc [they don’t use Euros] is still worth more than the damn USD. {and also the minimum wage here is over 25USD. Yes, you read that right. the minimum wage is more than twenty-five U.S. dollars}).

But camping out at my aunt’s here is basically the same as falling into Narnia. Even if I can’t travel farther than her porch, it’s still the prettiest porch ever (she doesn’t actually have a porch so…fail). The weather at this point though is so cold I WANT TO DIE. No, just kidding, but it is freezing. Well, it was this morning. I’m not prepared. I thought I was…but no. However it is actually really fall, in that perfect New England-y way, so I sort of like it despite the fact it makes my nose so red you’d think I should be guiding a sleigh behind me.

Bettingen is actually a super-teeny-tiny town right outside Basel. So basically I’m in Basel (it’s like, a 15 min. bus ride away). What’s interesting is that aside from looking a lot like my hometown of Charlottesville from certain angles (Garth Road, ahem), the city is basically set up in the same way as Shanghai. You have GrossBasel (Puxi – “West of the Huang river”) on one side of the Rhine and KleinBasel (Pudong – “East of the Huang river”) on the other. (I took the picture from a tram heading into GrossBasel, so that river is the Rhine, fyi)

KleinBasel is more industrial and less cultural, just like Pudong. Except it doesn’t have The Bund, natch. They speak “Baseldeutsch” here, a version of German that isn’t real German. They also speak French. I feel stupid. (But also, now I want to learn German…it’s an issue).

I’m bored of typing so if there’s some burning question you have, leave it in the comments! I’m super behind on blogging on like, another level. I still have stuff from China to be uploading…I can’t believe I was in Shanghai two weeks ago! Crazy. I’ll be back soon, auf weidersehn!

UPDATED for spelling errors, natch.


One thought on “Wilkommen to Switzerland!

  1. Hi Honey, So glad you made it to Switzerland okay! Enjoy yourself and keep the blogs and pics coming. I love to see where you’ve been etc. Love you!

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