Romy Schneider by Ursula Thommen

I stopped into Paul Lüdin Kunsthandel + Galerie in Basel the other day and talked to artist Ursula Thommen. That’s her sketch of Romy Schneider. She did a series of sketches of different people who’d inspired her and were also smokers, but I didn’t know the rest of them. Her other works included a series inspired by places in the East she wanted to visit, as well as China, which she visited many years ago. “I was just living there,” I told her. She said she and her husband (I think) traveled up and down the country with a Chinese artist who would teach them how to paint in the evenings. She didn’t know Qingdao. The other works were a series of drawings (or maybe they were paintings that looked like drawings) that brought to mind retail ads. They had young women walking around with shopping bags and brand names written overtop. They were inspired by shopping with her sister’s daughters, she said. Then I said thank you and goodbye! It was interesting and I liked this drawing so I thought I’d share.


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