Bettingen & Riehen, Switzerland

I hate the way it looks to have captions on all the pics, so lemme give you a rundown of what you’re looking at right here: the first pic is of Bettingen, the tiny town I live in just outside of Basel (that my gracious aunt and uncle live in, natch). The first picture of a building you see? That building is an elementary school. Doesn’t that blow your mindgrapes? The second pic of a building is of Fondation Beyeler, a museum designed by Renzo Piano that is situated in picturesque Riehen. It’s another one you’ll lose some mindgrapes over – used to be some rich guy’s private collection and now it’s some dead rich guy’s public collection (plus some). I went in there to check out the current Klimt exhibition (which, now that I look at their site, I see was actually a Vienna exhibit…oops), but couldn’t wait to get back outside. Uh, all the other pictures are from me walking around Riehen. It’s GoRgeOUs, to say the least, and really reminds me of the Charlottesville area from some angles.


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