There’s no Hand Like a Secondhand: Vintage Shopping in Basel

I passed by this place on the tram on like, the first day I got to Basel. The sign – all I saw was “Music and Art” so I knew I wanted to head back and go esplorin’. It’s actually called Graf Seismo and it’s got this interesting mixture of tons and tons of vintage and tons and tons of musical instruments. And loads of other interesting stuff. They don’t have a website, but in case anyone is planning a trip to Basel I’ll tell you it’s right off the Messeplatz tram stop and you can call the guy at 061 681 89 26 if you’d like. When I whipped out my camera I asked him if I could take a few photos and he said I wasn’t the first one to ask. And then, you know, he let me take the above photographs. The shop was really something special – it had a nice funky energy unlike some secondhand stores you go into and you’re like…in your grandma’s basement in rural Pennsylvania and it smells a bit and it’s hard to see if there’s anything special…but not this place! The owner was blasting the Buena Vista Social Club soundtrack from these two lousy speakers up front and I spent a ton of time trying on a lot of stuff, but to no avail. I found that great leather bomber in a size too big (it was way too expensive anyway) and also that amazing fringe coat that everyone who reads this will obviously be shocked and dismayed to learn I didn’t buy. He also had a lot of hats, but again, stuff in Switzerland is just hands-down too expensive. Across the board. Bar none. Death to your wallet. (Oh, except for this one amazing find that I have to blog about later. Stay tuned!)


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