(I Want to Live in) Freiburg, Germany

The other day we went to Freiburg, Germany, a small college town where my aunt knows some folks (who have a baby) [I WANT A BABY]{I mean what?}. So that was adorable and then I spent some time wandering the streets on my own. Basically Freiburg is amazing. This was my first time in Germany and honestly I imagined something like gray skies all the time and people who were sort of walking but also marching because they couldn’t help it and maybe some rain. But Germany actually isn’t like my offensive and uneducated preconception, who knew? Freiburg was actually so cool, that, as the title of this post indicates, I wanna live there. It’s gorgeous and funky and has an interesting energy. It reminded me of my hometown of Charlottesville, simply because Cville is also a small scenic college town, but the similarities sort of end there. Cville tries to be artsy but is waaay to Southern Conservative to really pull it off, whereas you can see in the pictures above, Freiburg is like, 100% hippified (hippie-fied?). And not even in a gross way! In a really cool way. (People are SO into dreads in Europe, btw). Oh, and they have really good PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. Oh MAN I was so jazzed by that, you don’t even know. Thinking about Charlottesville’s lack of public transport makes me dread having to return to there if I ever wanna see my family again. I had my ‘rents sell my car so now it’s gonna be me on my bike fending off a bunch of entitled WASPs and  dudes on tractors driving down a major highway if I ever wanna get into the city proper. Crisis. But check out Freiburg if you have a chance and get ready to be jealous. (You can take a TRAIN there and then BIKE around the city and then never have to kill my unborn children [who are now German? eh, pollution is global] with your car exhaust! Ooh so fun).


13 thoughts on “(I Want to Live in) Freiburg, Germany

    • wait, really? really really? because I’ve been regretting not just shelling out for a dslr…i feel like my camera isn’t fast enough for me, and I have a lot of trouble getting what I want out of it…on another note, do you feel like since ur background is in video it’s easier to take shots in super wide angles? Because I hate shooting outside of my cam’s 16:9 mode. But you have a real background in photo so mb not. Have fun in J-land!

  1. Love your shots man.

    Isn’t Freiburg amazing? I’m currently living and studying in Marburg (3 hours North). I periodically come down to Freiburg to visit one of my old German professor’s family. Every time it gets a little harder to leave. I didn’t think about it until I read this, but it does have a semblance to Cville (I’m a fellow Virginian – across the mountain in Harrisonburg).

    If you get the chance, explore more of Germany. There are tons of great cities like Freiburg all over – all super bike-friendly, with wonderful public transportation, and amazing graffiti (especially in Uni-Stadts).

    Again, love your work. Definitely subscribing. Oh yeah, and congrats on getting Freshly Pressed!

    Fun fact…What’s the German word for “Dreadlocks?”: die Dreadlocks. How original, right?

    • Thanks, that’s great! It’s awesome you found me – I actually went to school at JMU! Small world, eh? I’ll have to look into some of those other cool German cities…and find out how to get a Visa! Are you studying abroad here or going to school full time? The only problem with staying abroad for me would be having to learn German…argh! That and finding a job…a house…er, everything. If only small town Virignia would loosen up a little! Or a lot.

      • That’s awesome! Were you in the SMAD program? Yeah definitely, small world indeed. Oh man, I didn’t even think about the Visa issue. Well, you can always stay for 3 months w/o a visa (if you could find a place to stay for several months…and learn to speak the language…and…). I’m only here for half a year (unfortunately…), because I have to get back for graduation in the spring. If all goes according to plan, then I’ll be back soon for either work or grad school. Small town Virginia loosen up? Hah! Maybe some day. Although, they have tractors that block the roads here too…

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  3. You just made me terribly homesick… Funny enough, I am a student from Freiburg but I’m studying at UVa at the moment. I have to say, Charlottesville is really nice, too! But oh how I miss public transportation…

    • Wow! That’s incredible you found my blog 🙂 I’m glad you did, although sorry for the homesickness…Freiburg is very much awesome and you’re lucky to have somewhere like that to go back to! But yes, Charlottesville can be nice too, haha, just needs a tram!!

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