One is the Loveliest Number

Ugh I’m feeling sick today, achey all overrr. This is bad because 1) I’m not getting out on some of the last warmish days when the trees still have leaves on them and 2) tomorrow I’m headed to Zurich! I’m going to be Couchsurfing again, which is exciting. I’m supposed to be doing a ghost walk on Friday evening followed by a a night on the town (the first chance the Swiss have to show me How They Do). Luckily my aunt has an exhaustive supply of tea and is a great cook (I love good things that run in the family) so being bedridden with the ouches isn’t so bad as it could be.

P.S. My friend Ariel is going to Hong Kong for a few days and then Japan, which makes me jealous although not too jealous because, well, you know. Check it out, see how it compares to my experience! (I loved HK, have fuuunnnn Ari…)

P.P.S. Vintage shopping in Antwerp, Belgium. Looks amazing. I recently purchased my Eurail pass to France, Benelux*, and Germany, which means I’ll be heading to Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin sometime in the next month anda half. *(Benelux is an acronym for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg…did you know that? I had no idea. I was ordering my pass and freaking out like, “I need to meet my friend in Amsterdam! Why can’t I get to the Netherlands? Did they secede? And what the hell is Benelux? How did I not know about this country?)[also I sort of didn’t realize Luxembourg was a country. Oops.]

P.P.S.S. Oh, right. FYI I’m headed to Amsterdam (and maybe briefly Rotterdam?) in December to meet up with this lady. Weeeee!

Px3S(?) Oh, right! I almost forgot, I didn’t take that picture! It’s from Florence and my friend Jeremy took it. Go Jeremy!


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