Getting Vintage-y in Florence

These are some supplementary pictures for an article I wrote. Click here for all the vintage shopping goodness!

P.S. What do we think of the text on the pictures? I think I like it better than just putting little subtitles under the pics…but does it twerk or is it bussa bussed?(I never knew what Busta Rhymes meant when he said that but it probably isn’t healthy).

P.P.S. click on the “Street Doing” picture and take the chance to really relish those shoulder pads. You know you want to.


4 thoughts on “Getting Vintage-y in Florence

  1. i feel like i would be broke after going into those vintage stores.
    ~ and i like how you are able to capture the disorganized- organization~

    • haha, going broke is definitely possible 🙂 and thanks, I like taking pics in these messy stores but am still working on getting the balance of such shots right.

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