Zürich ist Cool und Sexy, Ya?

So these are my favorite pictures I took this weekend. I really like shooting people the best and I think/hope these give a good sense of what {at least} some of the people are like ’round Zürich. I particularly like the Winstons in the Louis bag…you stay classy, Switzerland (that girl was like, 14, btw)[I wanted to take her picture while she was smoking but…creepy]. This is just a “preview” of the trip, i.e. I’m too lazy right now to write (agh, write write write) so I’ll be back later with more of the actual city and a rundown of how the trip went!


94 thoughts on “Zürich ist Cool und Sexy, Ya?

  1. I really like your fishing photo – the feeling/atmosphere captured is expressive/quiet/I-can’t-describe-it-but-I-like-it.

  2. these photographs are amazing amazing amazing. the best way i can think of to describe them is “fluid”…and that’s not easy to accomplish.


  3. i love the crisp colors and sharpness to these photos. what medium are you using? you are really good at taking photos of people. i don’t like the close up of the bag as much as the others though.

    • thanks! you mean the LV bag? that wasn’t an ideal situation, I was sort of stalking two underage girls trying to get a shot of the cigs + bag combo haha.

  4. Inconspicuous photos of people can often be hard to catch, especially with a large SLR! So you did a great job. Love the contrast-y look of the photos and you did capture the essence of Zurich I think.

    As another commenter said: No words need, the pics say it all.

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

    Drive on,
    – M.

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  6. .,i can tell its a big city. nice pictures! i like the man riding the bike, the man with the yellow sling bag( it’s almost like your endorsing a brand or something like that ), and the men playing those musical instruments( sorry i not that familiar with those instruments that i don’t know their names 🙂 )

    • thank you! they’re all candids…I usually stand around and point my camera at people, pretending i’m shooting around them or something haha…all that matters is the picture :p

    • Well it’s great that you think that, it says something about Zürich! I, for one, was shocked by how many Swiss I felt could as well have been Americans.

  7. Great photos- great blog!

    What is up with all the smokers in Europe? Every time I go to the tank station in Denmark a scramble of 13 year old girls beg me (or more likely, my husband) to buy them some. Yeah, right! Get out while you still can!

    Oh well. Too bad smoking still makes for great photos. 🙂

    • thanks! I don’t know why it’s still so popular, but I’m used to it by now having just come over here from Asia – where it’s just as popular if not more so!

      but yeah it does make for more interesting pictures haha :/

  8. Thank you so much for these photos. My husband and I just relocated back to the U.S. from Switzerland and we have a serious case of homesickness. These photos took me right back there and the title was brilliant.

    • That’s wonderful to hear, I’m really glad! If you want more Switzerland just click on the Switzerland tag and you’ll see everywhere I’ve been in your home country!

  9. Loving the images you’ve captured from your trip to this interesting city. The first one is especially great. Leather elbow patches FTW.

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