At the Rhein Fall, Outside Zürich (City Proper)

I went to the Rhein Fall (oh, man am I spelling that right? I always forget how to spell things here) on my last day in Zürich because I’d heard it was worth it. I deduced from some promotional photos that it’s a bit more impressive in the spring and summer when it’s less depress-y, but it was still fun to see. And then there was a weird sculpture. And that path led up to a hostel! Crazy, right? What a random place to stay, but f.y.i, you can stay in a hostel at the Rhein Fall if you wanna.

P.S. I got some q’s about what exactly it is I do with my images. It depends. I’m not a trained photographer, my background’s in videography, so basically I do whatever I think makes the image look like what it feels like? For the top two I sort of made them look like sleepy hollow because the day was gray and yucky. Eww. (Then it started raining, man, the rest of the day after this waterfall really was notso htoso).


4 thoughts on “At the Rhein Fall, Outside Zürich (City Proper)

  1. Rhein Fall is the correct spelling! You can also write Rhein-Fall or Rheinfall. And incidentally nice pics. What camera model do you use?

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