How Much for that Beaver in the Window?

When I arrived in Zürich on Friday I met up with a new friend (found on Couchsurfing) to go on an evening ghost walk. A nice way to get to know a new city – find out where everybody died. The next day I ended up retracing some of my steps from that walk and found the most awesomest vintage store ever – exclusively catering to men! Vagabunt is located on the river (you can find the exact address by clicking on the link and checking out their website) in the trendy shopping district. I feel really cool because the store actually just opened at the end of September – I’m bringing y’all an exclusive! Eat your heart out GQ. The owner didn’t speak much English, but I found out that he’d been collecting stuff for three or four years and he wasn’t sure what he’d do if/when he runs out of merch in the next six months or so. He’d amassed an awesome selection of bags, scarves, pocket squares (or should I say, foulards, non?), and dead animals. Those stuffed birds do indeed have price tags dangling from their feet, in case you were worried they were just for display. It was a-MAY-zing. Check it.


6 thoughts on “How Much for that Beaver in the Window?

  1. What a cool place Vagabunt is! Did you buy anything? Jack and I are loving all your trip photos. Keep ’em coming!


  2. I actually did buy something haha, of course! But not the back pack featured – another backpack, the backpack to end all backpacks! it’s goatskin and half of it is water damaged I think, but it’s awesome looking now – it looks like crocodile skin from a distance. It cinches close at the top like a bucket bag and has one strap – it sort of reminds me of, like, old army sacks? Anyway, it’ll definitely be featured in an upcoming post because it’s so great!

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