Last Night a Man Bag Saved My Life

Bags are a vital asset to any man’s wardrobe, be they totes or backpacks or messenger bags. Prada or Gucci or vintage or Pucci (Pucci doesn’t make man bags), it’s all good. I think if I had to write a list of priorities for the future it’d be something like:

1) Civil equality
2) Worldwide women’s liberation
3) Man bag de-stigmatization

You don’t have to be ashamed to grab a bag as you walk out the door! Be free! Raise it up! They’re super practical, too. You can use them to lug around your concealer InStyle fishing poles. SO this particular one is actually vintage and MAN IT IS A BEAST. I’ve been looking for a bag in this style ever since I fell in love with Proenza’s PS1, but wanted something more masculine (erm, that one’s a purse anyway ha) and also not $1,500. So this was great! I bought it at a market in Paradeplatz here in Basel. If you’re from here/know here then that will maybe mean something to you. Although it might have been another Platz…I’m only 75% sure about the Parade-bit. Anyway, the guy was selling all of these old bags he said he brought into town from Bern. Most of them were old book bags, leather bags actually meant to carry nothing more than a book or two (tough leather rectangles). They were cool but this bag is the pièce de résistance of vintage man bags, if I do say so myself.

13 thoughts on “Last Night a Man Bag Saved My Life

  1. Arthouse vintage like this is amazing. Are there many thrift stores in Switzerland? You remind me of Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl in this picture. Apologies if you don’t like that at all.

    • hahaha, that’s penn badgley right? I get that sometimes…I don’t watch but I’ll take what compliments I can get :p
      and yeah, there’ve been some awesome thrift stores here. Did you see my post “There’s no hand like a secondhand?” it’s filed under the switzerland stuff but also shopping…and vintage (how many tags do I have?) It was awesome. I think Europe in general is really good for vintage. I went to the salvation army the other day and had a lot of luck there too. it’s great!

    • um, would that backpack have been vintage?? Because this one…is amazing. pics are forthcoming. they’re gonna be at my tumblr tho. i’m switching that up xcore so click the link to ur right and check it out. i’ll tell you when the backpack shots are up!

  2. So good!
    urgh I also want a PS1
    however the whole living in Canada makes it pretty much impossible (they don’t carry them this far north apparently boooo)
    If only I could find something like this haha

    • yeah, PS1’s are great but something vintage is way more fulfilling – plus you’d be surprised at the quality of this thing. But whether or not you can get a PS1, you’ve got that Louis messenger don’t you!? 🙂

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