A Day Out in Bern, Switzerland

Bern means bear in German. Bern actually does have some bears too; they’re kept in a wide-open (but closed off) space by the river. I of course had to take a picture of the Chinese lantern in the market because every time I see anything Chinese now it’s like, “Hey, y’all! I was jist there!”

The bread shaped like a little man? He looks like this guy from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. And the guy in a black cloak on the ground? How much does he look like Yuababa’s twin sister in Spirited Away right before she transforms into a bird? (sorry, couldn’t find an image link for the uninitiated).

While walking around the market I found that ring, which looks really cool and was pretty old – guess how much it was? 300 Swiss francs (at this exchange rate, over 300 USD). Yikes.

Oh and yes, that statue is eating small children. If you want to know what these different places are, just let me know 🙂


15 thoughts on “A Day Out in Bern, Switzerland

  1. “Wo ist Gretel?” I’ll tell you…

    Hänsel and Gretel are alive and well, and they’re living in Berlin. She’s a cocktail waitress; he had a part in a Fassbinder film. And they sit around at night now drinking Schnapps and gin. And she says, “Hänsel, you’re really bringing me down.” And he says, “Gretel, you can really be a bitch.” He says, “I’ve wasted my life on our stupid legend. When my one and only love was the wicked witch…”

  2. Love the pictures. Also, totally agree about those breadmen and the black cloaked man. Those breadmen are actually kinda terrifying. _

  3. Having been there many times, I have to say these are wonderful pics and bring back wonderful memories of Switzerland. I was told the same thin about the clown eating babies LOL. I visited the Bears of Bern many times and although in a somewhat nice enclosure..I felt sorry for them and the clown acts they would perform to get the tourist to throw treats down to them. There is so much more there and hope you will continue to add more wonderful pics.

    • Thanks so much for reading! I’m not actually in Switzerland anymore, but if you want to view more travel photos from my time there, be sure to check out the “Switzerland” tag in the tag cloud in the sidebar!

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