Having Sex in China

A series of posters I found in a park in Xi’an.


10 thoughts on “Having Sex in China

  1. Oh my goodness Sean, this is wonderful! (I’m trying to avoid saying awesome or amazing, because they’re a tad overused…. but somehow, “wonderful” doesn’t really suit a Chinese condom campaign…) Where on earth did you find these? And art thou back in China? x

  2. haha, I’m just glad all of these posters turn the condom into some kind of hero. I hope there’s an underground children’s series about this. Captain Condom vs. AIDS. Except he’d be Chinese so…Condom Chan vs. You Know How Those White Women Are. And no, Amelia, I’m not back in China 😦 I just forgot to post these from awhile back! There might be a few ultra-delayed posts like this because I have sooooo many photos – and video!

  3. bahahaha.. even pigs and snails use the “anquantao”, humans should learn to be civilized and live together in this harmonious society by using caution and protection.

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