I Love the Internet so Much, I’ma Take it Behind the Middle School and Get it Pregnant

Oh man, you guys, Crisis Existentialis.

I got a Tumblr account last month because I wanted to “follow” a friend of mine – show support or whatnot. Then I started fooling around with it and now I’m addicted. Unemployed and addicted. I’ve changed the design of the thing maybe eight times already. It’s been named three different things. Or more. I wanted to rename it this morning, but I didn’t. Said friend told me I should CONSOLIDATE all of my blogging efforts into one! SIMPLIFY. But I can’t! Mostly because I am a bit of a design fanatic – and because I’m not particularly talented, I change things up, often. (Some of you may recall this blog used to go by another name and has been through three re-designs). You might think I’m schizo or something, but I’m really not. Well, maybe. No, not really really. But srsly.

So instead of combining these two beasts, I’m going to fly in the face of convention and better judgment and keep them both. Because as much as they might be startlingly similar to the untrained not fourteen-year-old eye, they really are different you guys. BUT any time I upload original content to the Tumblr (the concept behind Tumblr is usually that you “reblog” or “share” images/videos/soundbites from around the ‘net) I’ll be creating a link page here. All of the original content on the Tumblr is strictly fashion-oriented. Part of me feels that since my blog was “freshly pressed” for being about photography – specifically, travelogue-y photography – I can’t blog about other things. But it’s been a week since I started feeling that way so I’m over it now and moving on. If the style content doesn’t interest you or you press the snooze button when I post about hats and bags and boots (oh my!), you probably shouldn’t ever visit the tumblr. I’d post the Original Fashion Content here, but I can’t find a way to make it look like I want it to (the Tumblr scrolls horizontally and OFFICIALLY I won’t have it any other way now).

If there is an outcry or everyone thinks this is stupid, let me know and I’ll switch it up. Again. But I’ll hide the crazy from you like Mel Gibson at a child’s birthday party so you’ll never know the difference!

A new fashion story is UP NOW. Check it.


9 thoughts on “I Love the Internet so Much, I’ma Take it Behind the Middle School and Get it Pregnant

  1. 🙂 Happy to hear you’ve resolved this at better judgement. I’m an addicted Tumblr too. Everyone else must be missing out and they don’t even know it. You can also never have enough Tumblrs. I have one specifically for uni related work as well, and one for my vintage store. Such a handy thing, who says you can consolidate all these factions of your life into one blog? No way. I left a reply to your comment on my post explaining the differences between Tumblr, and Blog. I’m full support all the way! Cheeeeeers~

  2. I’ve never been to tumblr, but will be chekcing it out now…I hope I don’t like it enough to move my wordpress blog to that site…i’ve already went from blogger to wordpress.

    • well, tumblr is pretty different in style/content from wordpress…this format offers a lot more structure/freedom…tumblr offers a cool way to display images. actually…a lot of people have tumblrs with a lot of writing/devoted only to writing. huh, maybe you will wanna change! (I went from blogger to wordpress too…mostly happy about it, and I don’t wanna give this up entirely for sure!)

      • I checked tumblr out but am not comfortable with viewing the screen horizontally! I will stick to wordpress:) I enjoyed reading your blog tho!

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