A Gray Day in Lucerne/Luzern

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tonight we went out to eat in an old castle that used to have a moat around it, but the moat had been replaced with parking and grass. We ate a lot of food (duh), and then I found out after dinner that the chef (a French guy) had actually lived in Charlottesville from 2000-2001, working at Keswick. That’s what being abroad really drives home – well two things actually: 1) the world is HUGE and you’ve seen nothing of it and 2) the world is TINY and you will find someone who is connected to you in some weird way, wherever you are. So we chatted a bit (he saw George Bush and Michael Jordan in the same day while visiting DC…I think that’s what he said) and apparently he wants to move to Canada (?) and live with beavers and fake French people. Joke! I’m sure America’s hat is awesome. Joke! Well, not about the awesome part of course. (Oh man I should probably visit Canada sometime soon, huh? I’m so ig’nant).

Oh and those pictures are of Lucerne. Funnn!

Even though the weather was a bit shite I still actually pretty well enjoyed myself. I realized once I was walking up near that giant wall in my pics that the ALPS were surrounding the city and there was water and trees and leaves…it was pretty dern pretty – like being in Narnia without unicorns or talking animals or ice queens. Enjoy!


One thought on “A Gray Day in Lucerne/Luzern

  1. Can we visit Narnia sometime? Are you checking all the wardrobes over that way? It has to be hanging out in Europe somewhere…

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