This Is Where I’m Not

That’s a beach in Stanley, Hong Kong…oh, the memories. Currently I’m in Rotterdam, Holland (and when I actually get around to posting about my Netherlands trip I’ll explain the Holland/Netherlands thing to the best of my abilities). I’m still trying to get all of my pictures from Paris edited and posted, which I think makes me the worst blogger ever. I already left Amsterdam and there’s been not even a peep about that! To make it up to you I’m providing this link to a blog that I just discovered, An Apple a Day. It’s author just took an eerily-similar-to-mine trip and posted great photos and lots of ’em (Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris). It’s way better than my blog, let’s just be serious, so check it out and then out of pity for me and as a thanks for letting you know it existed, come back and visit mine occasionally. We have a deal? C’est bon! (But seriously, I took almost no photos in A-dam because my friend I was touring around with had her camera out the whole time and I was too focused on making sure we got sufficiently lost so that she could really feel like she’d traveled with me. When she posts photos there’ll be more linkage! Bisou and frommage!)[I don’t know how to say, let alone type, anything in Dutch. So I’m still on the French thing.]


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