Shopping in Paris: Part 1

…is magical! But you knew that already. I’ve been a bit torn about whether or not to post this, because I did buy some things in Paris that I quite like, but I shipped them back to the States (God, anything to not have to carry extra crap around with me while traveling). I wanted to maybe shoot them also, but alas…they are not here for an impromptu photo sesh. I bought a deep blue velvet blazer in just-my-size at vintage mecca Espace Kiliwatch, along with a green fringed pashmina wrappy-thing (more masculine than that makes it sounds, I swear) and a silk paisley scarf (gorgeous colors – some sort of photographic celebration of its glory will be available in the future).

The stores above are as follows:
1) The first three photos are from Le Bon Marché. Gorgeous, fabulous, fun. Those candles are Cire Trudon. Die. I WILL eventually own an apartment with a mantle and these will be displayed there. Prominently. They also had gorgeous bust candles (like, ancient Roman-style busts) that I thought were quite clever. My friend I was with explained to me (briefly) the M.O. of the company, if you will. They’ve been around for forever and their candles have these deep historical references. For instance, the Cire Trudon candle she had in her house was supposed to smell like Versailles – and she said that it actually did! Plus there was another one that smelled like Waterloo or something to do with Napoleon…the company’s been around for like, 150 years.
2) The 4th is a picture of the exterior of the A.P.C Surplus store in Montmarte. Which was closed the day I stopped by.
3) We stopped by the new Hermès flagship store. The space was formerly an indoor pool that was completely gutted and reimagined as a four story Hermès emporium. I bought a saddle and five pairs of riding boots. Joke! I bought nothing. The wooden structures you see are these…well, wooden structures that showcased different elements of the brand’s home lines. It was very busy and quite nice, but we both agreed we expected something a little…more.
4) Next up are two pictures from the flea markets just outside the city limits. Pretty!  We got there late in the day…so no fun stories, sorry 😦
5) The last two pictures are from Merci, a concept store I read about in Vogue like, two years ago. It was up on my list of must-see Paris stores along with Colette and Didier Ludot (the latter of which I’ll admit to first hearing about on the Rachel Zoe Project. I didn’t get to it, probably for the better). Colette, I must say, was a disappointment. I think because I’ve been reading about it for so long I expected something really rather amazing, but aside from a quite-sexy display of the latest women’s fashions on the second floor…I didn’t really find much to get me jazzed. Merci was pretty cute and has the best home section of any store I’ve ever been to. I didn’t know I could want so many chandeliers. And tables. They also had some Liberty-print suitcases that were stunning, great floral prints, but I don’t think I could pull off a bright pink floral miniature suitcase.

No pictures, but I stumbled across Noir Kennedy on Rue du Roi de Sicile one night. There are two Noir Kennedy shops on that street, actually, a first one that sold mostly black jeans and a little vintage (you should have seen me in the jeans they had…if you know me you know I’m like the king of the Elves, but my thighs did NOT fit into these jeans [it was INSANE]), and a second one a few doors down that sold a lot of vintage. Very hipstery and I want to say it was pretty awesome even though I wasn’t moved to buy anything. At some point I popped into Printemps and tried on the most AMAZING Balenciaga coat ever and it was 895 Euros and then I died. So that was fun. Another (special) shopping post coming soon!


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