Dutch Vintage

From the flea market in Amsterdam.


2 thoughts on “Dutch Vintage

  1. Wow Sean, these are cool finds. I love the one with the husband reading the newspaper and the restless and pitiful dog on the floor. It’s so…traditional family, I could almost see it being like a study for a Norman Rockwellish painting. The one with the two women in white standing near the arched doorway makes me think of a suspense/horror movie when the protagonist finds an old box halfway through the film and inside discovers a photo and the ghost/spirit/witch had a twin/cousin! DUN DUN DUN! haha.

    • thanks, erik! yeah the one with those two women in front of that doorway looks like they want to invite you inside their secret cave so they can feed you to their dark lord and stay young forever. maybe. definitely getting some Kubrick vibes…

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