Shopping in Paris: Paper Trail

Considering that Carine Roitfeld recently announced her imminent departure from French Vogue, I figure it’s time to get off my @$$ and post this before it becomes irrelevant.

The pictures above are from Les Archives de la Presse, also known as “heaven for Sean.” I didn’t realize places like this existed and that finding back issues/vintage magazines could be so easy and not involve trolling around on eBay. This was  just like real shopping!

I found so many back issues of Vogue (I had no idea Britney Spears was ever on the cover of Vogue), French Vogue, Interview, W…I mean, I literally wanted to buy everything, but I narrowed it down using Fabien Baron. I bought a Madonna-covered issue of Harper’s Bazaar (February 1999) from the Tilberis & Baron years, an issue of Vogue Paris from before Baron signed on as creative director, and the 2004 Madonna-covered issue of Vogue Paris (when Baron was creative director). The Bazaar just reeks of Baron-ness – the cover is simple, sleek, sharp. French Vogue’s content before he got there looks like an advertorial – it’s actually a bit confusing. Inside the magazine I found that great picture of Emmanuelle Alt and Carine looking playful, of all things, holding their thousand-dollar Balenciaga bags coyly in front of their faces.

Bazaar has an article about Olivier Theyskens that blows my mind – he was 22 at that time of the interview (22!!) The August ’04 issue of Vogue Paris features an Alt Anastasia Barbieri-styled Isabeli Fontana wearing carabiners (I had to Google how to spell that), and that rather iconic image of Daria shot by Steven Klein.

Baron now works at Interview, of course, where he initially signed on as co-editorial director, left for a few months thanks to editorial disputes and let M+M Paris do their thing, then came back as sole editorial director. I’m a bit of a Baron junkie, if only because I’m at the right age to be following his current creative output and yet still able to find his former glories (he worked at Bazaar for like, a decade or something – I’ve done my research!) A few doors down from Les Archives you can get your modern mag fix on at Agora, a small store selling obscure titles like Hercules and Lula (sounds like a Disney movie).

Roitfeld leaves Vogue Paris at the end of January and I personally hope Alt replaces her, although Olivier Lalanne, her right-hand man, seems probable except for the fact that he isn’t a woman. Alt consistently creates some of my favorite content, as her styling conveys strength and sexual assurance (also sometimes a dash of whore-itude, but in a modern way!) She + David Sims = gold. We’ll see what unfolds!


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