Winter Break

Hey friendos, I’m headed off to Florida for a little fun in the sun and/or dreams of fun in the sun as I’m pretty sure it’s rather cold down there right now. I’ll probably not be blogging in the interim, but feel free to browse through the archives if you’d like! For those of you who’ve been reading since I left China, take a look at some photos from that period of my journeying – I have a gallery exhibit of my work coming up in January! So those photos are obviously quite amazing and if you fail to appreciate them your taste level is in question. (Joke!)

Also, if you like the above vintage photo of my grandparents + friends on the beach then be sure to visit Photos From My Mother for more retro goodness. When I get back I still have:
– Rotterdam and Berlin (most likely condensed into one day because I’m a lazy basterd)
– Pictures from exotic Florida!

Merry Christ Holiday-time!


5 thoughts on “Winter Break

    • I know I’m basically an heiress, I think the next step is recording an album. joke! yes I will visit you in NYC! Of course that means I can stay with you, right?

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