Blue Velvet

Sorry it’s been such a long time since my last update, I think the way I’m subconsciously looking at blogging right now is that this blog is my Jekyll blog and this blog is my Hyde blog. Two sides to every coin, I guess, and I’ve been updating my other coin side more frequently, so to speak…

This is the blue velvet blazer I bought back in Paris at Espace Kiliwatch! I had the arms taken in so they’d be a bit more flattering. The hat was my grandfather’s, and I got a compliment on it today!

There will be more photos coming soon, I swear! This blog isn’t going to die, it’s just sputtering a little for the moment :/


7 thoughts on “Blue Velvet

    • They had tons of them in Paris! And in a huge range of sizes and styles…with different details etc. But if I see a great place for them in the States I’ll be sure to mention it!

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