It’s All About the Journey

As you can see, my bedroom is a disgusting farce of a bedroom. I don’t really live in an episode of Clean House, though, this is sort of the wreckage from coming home. Oops…

Today I have a special treat! I did a VLOG entry!!! That’s right, The S.S. in unadulterated video blog form. So click below if you want to find out what I have to say, or forever hold your peace. I don’t think that’s how holding your peace works, but whatever.

I’m having an exhibit of my photographs from China! If you happen to be in the Harrisonburg, Virginia vicinity then check it out! Deets for the opening reception:

JMU’s Prism Gallery
January 21st
Refreshments provided!


16 thoughts on “It’s All About the Journey

  1. Haha, so basically I started following you because I was missing traveling throughout Europe, but now it seems you’ve found yourself basically in the same boat (no pun intended?) as me- being back in one place after a bunch of travels. Excited to see how you cope, I’m still figuring it out day by day!

    • well that’s great to hear! traveling is fun, but now I have to make money, ha :-/ thanks for following along – it’s nice to have some company in the proverbial boat (snap!)

  2. Hooray! I’m so happy that you’re going to be in VA for a while! I love VA! And you! Also I can attest to the fact that you’ve never lived in Charlottesville. If you had, you would have been able to find one of the most popular restaurants without a GPS screaming at us.

  3. Sean u r so awesome and u r so bad at replying msg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I planned 2 go 2 NY and Florida really soon. especially Florida,because of the the Harry Potter theme park,of course!!!!! hav u been there yet?????me and Amelia were saying it will be great if we can meet up in Florida and go there together.and we r planning 2 save money for that;D hope it wont take so long?lol
    anyway,u have a great day Sean.

    • hey chloe! I’m so sorry I’m terrible at keeping in touch, I know, especially through FB…I don’t know why 😦
      I can’t believe Florida is number one because of the HP theme park haha, but good for you! When do you think you’ll be in NYC? I’ll write on your FB wall, it’s been tooooo long! thanks for following along~

      • lol,Harry Potter is one of my addiction so thats y.
        And I am not sure,probably spring break? it’s in March^__^when u gonna come back NYC? I wanna c u!that’ll be amazing 2 c u in ur country!!! blahblahblah
        anyways,817-366-9862 txt me when u get back from wherever ;D
        PS.I am accepted by a sorority ,btw.I havent made the final decision though

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